Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Drawing Class Day 1

Last night’s drawing class was great. I enrolled in the class for me to have some time to spend on my drawings. It’s really difficult to find time to draw with two young kids running around the house.

Last night’s session did help me relax and rediscover my passion for drawing.

We were in the same room where I previously attended acrylic class and watercolor class.
We were about 8-10 students in the room. Experiences ranging from beginner, media artists who want to try drawing and those like me who just want some free time away from home.

Is this David?
I didn’t have a chance to shop for the materials so I only had my old drawing pencils and printer bond papers. I should have brought my newsprint and other drawing books.
Our teacher asked us to try other medium such as charcoal so I did try it. It was messy but I found it easier to use charcoal especially when you are working on big drawings.

I look forward to the next class.

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