Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Acrylic Paintings

I just had another session of Acrylic class last night. That was the 6th out of the 8 sessions but only my 4th since I missed the first one and I didn’t attend one due to a conflict in schedule.

Although very slowly, I notice some improvements in my paintings. I have never used acrylic before so I was really clueless during the first session I attended. I was very conscious not to put a lot of paint in my palette as I don’t want to waste any. Each tube costs around $15.

My first painting was done in an Arches hot press watercolor paper. We were taught how to do a technique called glazing. Basically, laying one color on top of another to create the color effects. I’m happy with the result since I’m not expecting something good. The class is a place where we can experiment and get feedbacks from the teacher.

The second painting is a landscape with a house/barn. From this point on, the paintings are on canvas boards. I didn’t get to finish this one but one of these days I will come back to it and work on it again. The good thing about acrylic is you can paint over the colors (unlike watercolor). I am still waiting for that one good weekend where I don’t have anything else to do but paint. Well, I can try and give up of one of my movie nights/early morning (Friday and Saturday nights) and work on my drawings/paintings instead.

The third painting is a still life painting (flowers). I was able to accomplish more in this painting compared to the first two but I still need to adjust the colors and work on the flower shadows. This one, similar to the previous one is a work in progress.

The last one below is what I’ve done last night. Actually, it was more of a team-work with my teacher as he went around last night having quick one-on-one session with each of the student. From time to time, he grabs the brush from me and show me how to paint. Although I am very satisfied with this one, I have yet to do a similar one on my own.

Two more sessions left and the class will be over. As always, and a no-brainer, it is really the time spent practicing that’s more important. I have 5 spare canvas boards at home so I have no excuse not to practice.

Keep posted!

Monday, 30 May 2011

Pastel Still Life

I had a meeting last Tuesday in downtown Vancouver. It was a chance to stop by a DeSerres art supplies store and buy new stuff for my quest for excellence. I already tried charcoal and I was thinking of trying pastel next time. So I grabbed a 12-pc pastel set but wasn't really able to open and use it until Saturday.

I didn't have time to read through any books or tutorials on pastel but that didn't stop me from experimenting. It is through practice that I would learn anyway. So here are some of the works I've done ... not much but enough for someone who is just starting.

I didn't find any interesting object to draw except for the bananas we just bought. From time to time, my kids will stop by the dining table, where I was doing this piece, and grab a banana. So instead of 6 bananas, I ended up drawing only 3 of them.

I also tried drawing the bananas with other objects. Our homework in my drawing class is to draw proportions, so I need to find more objects to draw. I found a soda plastic and a cup.

I wasn't able to really finish the drawing as I was clueless on what color to use for background and foregound, how to use other colors to create depth and volume. I guess, it's time to hit the books again and go through some tutorials on pastel.

I used cereal boxes for these drawings. I have a bunch of them at home and I found them useful for pastel drawings.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Charcoal Sketches

I have used pencil and pen in my sketches and I wanted to try something else for a change. I browse thru the posts in WetCanvas (www.wetcanvas.com) regularly to see what other drawing enthusiasts like me have been doing. Some, after having used pencil for a while, try other media like graphite, charcoal and pastel for drawing. I felt that it may be time for me to take the next level and see what I else I can do.

Our drawing homework (see pic above) is to draw basic shapes (sphere, cones, cylinder) and render shadows to show the volume of the object. It takes a while to do these exercises using pencil. I tried using the charcoal pencil I just bought ... and broke the tip (about 1/2 inch long after the first drawing above). I didn't have a sharpener with me so I ended up using the 1/2 inch charcoal that broke off from the pencil. But this time I used its side to draw.

Wow, I was able to draw warm-up sketches in less time compared to using pencil (tip). I'll probably buy a charcoal bar next time.

Below is another study of the basic shapes and shadows.

It was fun drawing with charcoal for the first time. I was able to accomplish more in less time (which is all I have considering I have a full-time job and two young kids at home).
Stay tune for more charcoal drawings.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Landscape Sketches

Some more sketches. This time trees and landscape. I drew the tree outside our house. While the other one was from my imagination. Sketches are more relaxing since the objective is not to create a 'masterpiece'.

Sketches give more room for experimentation. I used a black ballpoint ink pen instead of the usual pencil so no room for erasures. Anything goes.

I had some difficulty adding leaves to the tree ... I wasn't sure if making the background dark will do the trick ... anyway ... time to find some resources on drawing trees.

I initially thought that using pen will be harder since I'll be committed to every stroke I make. I had fun and I was satisfied with the result. More pen sketches to come.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

More Watercolor

Found 2 more watercolor works done more than 10 years ago. I just bought some watercolor paints, brushes and papers. Let's see if things improved after more than a decade.
Still Life

Monday, 23 May 2011

Watercolor Landscapes

Here are some more watercolor works I did more than 10 years ago. I was having a hard time painting trees and leaves. I did my best. I learned from some classes that you can't paint trees and leaves by just using greens. Again, something I need to practice. This was my first time to use Arches watercolor paper. I remember I was using Prang watercolor.
Beach ...

Life Drawing - (Old) Ayala Museum Garden

From a Postcard

(for some reason I can't rotate the picture)

Saturday, 21 May 2011

DC Super Heroes

I found some more of my drawings/watercolor works from 12 years ago. These drawings were copied from my 'Superman - Peace on Earth' book or from my other comics (can't remember). As always, you improve your skills by actually drawing. I've spent more than enough time reading books and forums. It's about time to make more of these art works. Now ... where did I place my watercolor?

Friday, 20 May 2011

Marvel Super Heroes

These artworks were done more than 10 years ago. I was experimenting with watercolor that time. I like to draw comics superheroes so I thought of drawing and coloring at the same time.

I'll probably try and draw/color Iron Man, Captain America and Thor since they have been and will be out in theaters soon.

The Incredible Hulk

Xmen's Rogue

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Library Sketches

I had about an hour to spare yesterday so I decide to stop by the library. I had my sketch book with me so I ended up doing 4 mini-sketches.

Quick sketches, in a way, are liberating as you are not forced to come up with a masterpiece. I was able to incorporate some topics I learned about perspective. I should do this more often.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Sketches with Ink Pen

Last Wednesdays lesson was about negative spaces. I was glad that I had time to sketch almost everyday last week. I tried an ink pen this time using cross-hatching for my shadows.

Study on Negative Space and sketches on volumes and shadows

More negative spaces. Kids' drinking bottles.

Our dining table and chairs using negative space.

Drawing trees for a change. Starting landscape ...

Some more drawings on volumes, shadows, perspective. Started with landscape thumbnails.

Landscape thumbnails some with studies on perspective.

Friday, 13 May 2011

More Portrait Drawings

I found more of the drawings I did 2 years ago. I probably need to try graphite and charcoal to see what I can do with them.

Sara Tancredi

Michael Scofield

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Drawing Upside Down

During the 2nd session of my drawing class, we were asked to draw a picture upside down. The objactive is to draw the object as we see it and not what we think we see. There is a similar exercise in Betty Edward's Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain book. I was surprised by the accuracy of the drawing I made.

Original Drawing

Copy - Drawn Upside Down

Monday, 9 May 2011

Flowers for Mother's Day

It was Mother's Day yesterday. My son and I went skating yesterday. After returning the skates, my son was asked to choose a flower to give to his mom. He chose the sunflower. At the church, the kids were given roses to give to their moms. I drew these flowers right after arriving from church.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Portrait Drawings

I had spent some time two years ago working on drawing portraits. Some turned out to be good (based on my standards) while some needs more work and practice.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

More Pencil Drawings

I am attending a beginners drawing class that just started last week. The class is a good avenue to compare notes with other students, learn and share techniques with people that shares my passion for drawing.

Superman (from Alex Ross' Mythology)

Martian Manhunter (from Alex Ross' Mythology)

Mary Marvel (from Alex Ross' Mythology)

Wonder Woman (from Alex Ross' Mythology)