Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Acrylic Paintings

I just had another session of Acrylic class last night. That was the 6th out of the 8 sessions but only my 4th since I missed the first one and I didn’t attend one due to a conflict in schedule.

Although very slowly, I notice some improvements in my paintings. I have never used acrylic before so I was really clueless during the first session I attended. I was very conscious not to put a lot of paint in my palette as I don’t want to waste any. Each tube costs around $15.

My first painting was done in an Arches hot press watercolor paper. We were taught how to do a technique called glazing. Basically, laying one color on top of another to create the color effects. I’m happy with the result since I’m not expecting something good. The class is a place where we can experiment and get feedbacks from the teacher.

The second painting is a landscape with a house/barn. From this point on, the paintings are on canvas boards. I didn’t get to finish this one but one of these days I will come back to it and work on it again. The good thing about acrylic is you can paint over the colors (unlike watercolor). I am still waiting for that one good weekend where I don’t have anything else to do but paint. Well, I can try and give up of one of my movie nights/early morning (Friday and Saturday nights) and work on my drawings/paintings instead.

The third painting is a still life painting (flowers). I was able to accomplish more in this painting compared to the first two but I still need to adjust the colors and work on the flower shadows. This one, similar to the previous one is a work in progress.

The last one below is what I’ve done last night. Actually, it was more of a team-work with my teacher as he went around last night having quick one-on-one session with each of the student. From time to time, he grabs the brush from me and show me how to paint. Although I am very satisfied with this one, I have yet to do a similar one on my own.

Two more sessions left and the class will be over. As always, and a no-brainer, it is really the time spent practicing that’s more important. I have 5 spare canvas boards at home so I have no excuse not to practice.

Keep posted!

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