Monday, 30 May 2011

Pastel Still Life

I had a meeting last Tuesday in downtown Vancouver. It was a chance to stop by a DeSerres art supplies store and buy new stuff for my quest for excellence. I already tried charcoal and I was thinking of trying pastel next time. So I grabbed a 12-pc pastel set but wasn't really able to open and use it until Saturday.

I didn't have time to read through any books or tutorials on pastel but that didn't stop me from experimenting. It is through practice that I would learn anyway. So here are some of the works I've done ... not much but enough for someone who is just starting.

I didn't find any interesting object to draw except for the bananas we just bought. From time to time, my kids will stop by the dining table, where I was doing this piece, and grab a banana. So instead of 6 bananas, I ended up drawing only 3 of them.

I also tried drawing the bananas with other objects. Our homework in my drawing class is to draw proportions, so I need to find more objects to draw. I found a soda plastic and a cup.

I wasn't able to really finish the drawing as I was clueless on what color to use for background and foregound, how to use other colors to create depth and volume. I guess, it's time to hit the books again and go through some tutorials on pastel.

I used cereal boxes for these drawings. I have a bunch of them at home and I found them useful for pastel drawings.

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