Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Acrylic Landscape

I had expected that not everyone will show up in our Acrylic class since it was Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals last night. But I didn’t expect that only 2 of us will show up (+ the teacher). I wasn’t overjoyed because that meant for time for the teacher to critic my work. Eventually, I was able to look at it as an opportunity to get an almost one-on-one session with a professional artist.

Below, needless to say a work in progress, was my painting for last night. I was happy how the rocks turned out as it at least looks solid .. more work needs to be done of course. I am glad I attended the class since that’s the only time I pick up my acrylics to paint. Whenever I have time, I prefer just to draw since there as much preparation needed compared to painting. Also, with kids running around, it’s always a challenge to keep them away from the paints.

One more session left and I am on my own. Have to set aside some time to do acrylics.

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