Saturday, 4 June 2011

Ginger Drawing

I was very excited when we got back from the grocery store. We bought some fruits and vegetables and this means more subjects for me to draw. The ginger caught my attention because it has lots of textures and that means more details to draw and more shadows.

I tried to remember what I learned from my drawing class instead of the usual "just draw and wing it". I blocked the major shapes and focus on getting an overall image of the ginger instead of working on details right away.

I started with an HB pencil and defined the lights and darks. I have been patient doing this one since I really wanted to apply what I have learned. I used negative spaces to draw the contour of the ginger and from time to time did some measurements. I move on to using 4B and 8B slowly building the shadows.

I probably should have sharpened my pencils to get more defined lines. I'll remember to do that or just have a sandpaper to sharpen my pencils. Anyway, I was happy with the result as well as having time to just sit down, relax and draw.

I wonder what I can draw tomorrow. But I am hoping to work on my acrylic painting. Let's see what happens.


  1. Nice Work on this !! I have huge kick-ass metal file for sharping my pencils a trick !!

  2. Thanks Sandra! I was also surprised with the result. I was used to doing quick sketches and was always wondering why other drawings look nice. I guess I really need to practice working on details.